Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prayer to stir up the spiritual gifts in you (repeat)

Lord, God I come to you today asking for the forgiveness of my sins and that You help me also to forgive others. Lord I pray for your Holy Spirit to stir up the gifts already placed inside of me.  I pray that whatever gifts your Holy Spirit has decided to give and put within me that they be activated and used for Your glory and the edification of Your people and Your Church.

Father, I know that You designed the gifts to work together so that we will need and be dependent upon one another, that the gifts of the Spirit, the ministry gifts, and even the fivefold ministry callings are all used by You not to glorify a person, but instead to produce fruit in that persons life and glorify You. I pray that I will use any and all gifts to show Your love, that you have all power, and that you are an ever present help. I pray the rest of the body of Christ will join together to aide in the work You have given us to do. I pray for peace and unity in the body, that no one will be jealous or covetous about anyone else's gifts, for even though Paul admonishes us to desire the greater gifts, we are to do so in love and respect, knowing that You, Lord, decide who has which gift and who does not. God I pray also that as these gifts manifest themselves that the fruit of the Spirit will also manifest, to ensure the gifts are ministered in love and in self-control. Father, I thank You now for blessing me to pray for my brothers & sisters in Christ. May You receive all praise, honor and glory from this prayer and the gifts you give. In Jesus’ name, Amen.