Saturday, April 20, 2013

After the storm is over, wait on God!

Because of all the evil that we live in today, we are sometimes bombarded with storm after storm and it can be overwhelming. We are sometimes hit from every angle; north, south, east and west, all at the same time and God will allow us to remain in that position for awhile. But there is a peak, or a level that it will only be allowed to reach before God turns His attention toward us and causes a wind to blow that release the pressure (Gen. 8:1-3). He will put a stop to the adversity, to that which has caused us stress and pain. He will shut the mouths of those who spoke against us and bring an end to the things that overwhelmed us.

But, from here, take a lesson from the story of Noah. After the waters receded, after having been in the boat for over 150 days (Gen. 7:24), after having been tossed to and fro from the down pour of rain and every living thing and person on the earth had been destroyed, Noah didn’t just open the door and jump off the boat to start his life all over again. He waited until God said it was time to go. He waited for God to give him direction.

After being bombarded with life’s pressures, we often loose focus or become discombobulated and we have to take the time to regroup, to get back on firm footing. After being put through a storm, we sometimes have to regain our equilibrium or balance. That’s when we need to seek God, to separate, to get alone with the Master to thank Him for bringing us out, to submit a sweet smelling offering to Him as a token of our appreciation for Him and to get direction from Him. There’s a purpose in all that He allows us to go through. After the storm, instead of going about business as usual, that’s the best time to get alone with God to thank Him for bringing us out, for not allowing the storm to take us out, for sparing us when others didn’t survive, and for showing us favor, remaining faithful to His promises regarding those who honor and fear Him.

God won’t give us more than we can handle but He will allow us to go through some times of testing (James 1:2-4). We won’t be over taken but when He brings us out, which He will, don’t be quick to move out before He gives the O.K. Take the time to separate, to get alone with God and get direction from Him. Otherwise, you may end up somewhere He didn’t intend for you to go. He brings us out, not to leave us stagnant, but to take us somewhere. After they came off the boat, God gave Noah and his sons clear instructions after Noah sought Him by building an altar to Him. He told them to go forth, to prosper and be fruitful.

Don’t fight to get out of the storm and don’t worry. God won’t allow it to over take you. There’s a blessing at the end of it. Praise God through it and especially when He brings you out of it and be sure to set aside alone time with Him to get direction for your next move. He’s taking you somewhere.

Prayer: Father, give us the strength to endure the storms. Give us the will power to not give up in the process and help us to clearly understand our next move. In Christ. Amen.